Special Birthdays
Everyone loves an 18th or a 21st Birthday, when someone close to you celebrates their rowdy right of passage into adulthood. So it's a great excuse to turn the volume up and have a wild old time! 

At Glenfall House the neighbours are some distance away so there's no problems there - if you want it loud, you can have it loud!

With 5 separate party rooms in the house, including the well-stocked bar, all connected via the Main Hall there's an opportunity to theme each one of the spaces a very different way. 

We're happy for you to decorate the House as you wish (no, not paint!) and can offer you a whole host of complimentary props to provide some of that extra WOW! your party deserves.  

Why not try our Sonos sound system which allows you to put together your own play list from your Spotify, Amazon or Apple Music account, giving you the freedom to have your favourite tracks in any or all of the rooms. 

Alternatively, let us know if you want a DJ or live music, we can recommend a number of local bands and entertainment companies who will happily rock the night away!

And for those who have enjoyed a drink or two, there's no worries, as Glenfall House has 21 bedrooms and suites to choose from with an optional Full Cotswold Breakfast in the morning!

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  • "Myself and my now husband Kevin (woop!) had our wedding at Glenfall House and wow! It's the most beautiful venue we could have ever asked for. The garden, the building and views are so picturesque."
  • "Glenfall House was the perfect venue for our wedding - Dianne and her team were so accommodating and flexible with meeting our vision."
  • "If you want a glamorous but unpretentious venue, look no further. It has the atmosphere of a luxury hotel whilst feeling like you're at home having a party with your loved ones."
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