Our Brand, Image and Name

We will focus on design, technology, local culture and standing out from the cookie-cutter venue/hotel crowd. We will not want to be labeled as a Hotel, and therefore we will retain the name of Glenfall House, not only to retain the historic name; but also to communicate that we are not a standard hotel. We would make it a priority to make Glenfall House a stylish and intimate spot, with good décor, cool people, well-designed interiors and excellent personal service.

We would want it seen that we are focused in retaining the history of not only the house but also of the gardens and grounds, and would ensure that people who worked and also visit Glenfall House are provided with it’s history in a brochure. We will plan to name all the suites after individuals who have been involved in making the history of the buildings and gardens, including architects, owners, builders etc


The vision of the business is to re-energise the building and grounds, giving our guests the opportunity to enjoy the historic building and surroundings and enable them to create new and lasting personal memories. To have a viable business that provides our guests with first-class customer service in luxurious surroundings, where everything is of the upmost quality



Key Objective to become established as a renowned venue in quality; customer service and facilities, giving a personalized, luxurious, high quality complete experience to all our guests

Personalised – we provide a totally personalised service to all our guests

Luxurious – surroundings, and luxurious products and services

Quality – good reputation, excellent customer service, high standards

Complete – offering of what we suggest to all our guests